Use Facebook Messenger to
your customers

Getting new customers is not easy - have a friendly
conversation over FB Messenger with prospects in
a friendly, approachable manner.

Give your customers exactly what they want – our bot automatically understands your customers Facebook profile elements (likes, birthday, age, relationship status, etc.) and sends highly personalized offers/messages to your customers based on this info.

Help them celebrate their birthday, fulfil their dream to travel abroad, plan the perfect dinner with a loved one or reward them for their loyalty.

Help them celebrate their birthday, fulfil their dream to travel abroad, plan the perfect dinner with a loved one or reward them for their loyalty.

Run a bakery?

Send some love to your customer on the eve of her birthday with a 30% discount on a birthday cake.

Brand Engagement


Build a brand through casual interactions not forced advertising.

Personalized Offers


Make sure your offers make more jewellery coupons for men.

Conversational Commerce


Have a two-way conversation, not a transaction - make friends with your customers.

Cost Efficient

Cost Efficient

No more wasting money on generic ads. Targeted, personalized offers help connect you with customers more deeply.


BotBee is more than just a bot.

It is a customer engagement platform that
leverages the power of conversations.

Futuristic AI
Futuristic AI

Using AI, the bot learns, adapts, and responds intuitively. Much like we do.

No language is too hard
No language is too hard

A multilingual bot, it continues to add more to the list as we speak.

Bot Metrics
Bot Metrics

Follow every conversation and track results using our real-time analytics.

Elegantly Designed
Elegantly Designed

Conversations should be fun and inspiring – just like our bot was designed.

Your data is safe
Your data is safe

We take data privacy very seriously – your data is safe and secure.


1, 10, or a million conversations – our bot easily scales up.

Frequently asked questions

What does it cost?

Pay-as-you go pricing model.


10 campaigns a month


25 campaigns a month


100 campaigns a month


unlimited campaigns a month

Can my customers opt out anytime?

Yes, however, we do have a minimum three month payment clause i.e. they would have to pay for at least three months during the trial period.

Are the messages customizable?

Yes. Absolutely. They can use our portal to create custom conversations and templates.

Can I schedule interactions?

No. FB Messenger is always on once the campaign is run. However, the Facebook Ad Campaign can be suspended or stopped any time.

Can/Will the user know they are interacting with a bot?

Yes. That is the intent - however, our goal is to make this a lively and engaging user experience that would make them want to interact more.

Is this in line with Facebook’s policies?

Yes, absolutely! Facebook is promoting conversational commerce using Messenger. We adhere to all of Facebook's Messenger policies and we also have to submit our app for approval to Facebook.